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ComplainFraud, privacy while fighting COVID-19

Tracking, tracing, and testing to fight the pandemic and to protect people's privacy, it's critical. Our principles to consider as a step forward into the next phases of helping to fight this pandemic. Our policies concerning this pandemic as countries and companies are focusing on technologies.

  1. Reason for collecting data, how long is kept and what is collected.
  2. Collected data should be with the concent and the use in the manner explained: 'when people are making the decision to participate. User-friendly and clear information would be served to help to promote voluntary participation and can ensure everyone interacting with the technology is making choices informed to participate in the collection of data and is aware of the purpose of the collection of data, the type of data collected, the time of data held and the benefits of the collection of data'.

  3. Collection of data for public health purposes.
  4. The collected data from an individual for tracing purpose of those who have been in contact physical with the infected person and for the other public health purpose(s) and should remain it's own control. Generally, the data should be used in the matter(s) by public health authorities only for the articulated purpose(s), and not for unrelated concerns. Input should be provided by the public health authorities regarding the data type(s) that would be very useful for the fighting the pandemic.

  5. Necessory data collection only.
  6. Collected data by public health authorities for the purpose of public health, such as tracing, shuld be limited to specific data required purpose only, collected and used for the time period identified as necessory by the experts of public health.

  7. Right of choice about data storage.
  8. To give right to any indivisual's control over its own data wholly, including the choice of data storage, such as on a device or in the cloud.

  9. Appropriate Safety to secure the data.
  10. Safety level of data such as de-identification, random and spining of identification, encryption of individual's data and decentralized identities or similar directive(s) should be implemented to protect people's data to place in the ways not to be used for hacking attack or exposed for any harmful use.

  11. Limit the sharing of data or status of health without consent, and only neccessory share of data.
  12. Data or health status of an individual's should not be shared with the indivisual's contact or others without securing the concent of an indivisual's, meaningful. In regarding the persuation of legel requirements, the sharing should be limited strictly by the law scope. When notifying individuals, they may have been in contact physical with infected person, share only the small amount of data important to protect against the inference(s) regarding the identity of the infected indivisual.

  13. Children level security ensured.
  14. Safety level related to electronic data, information or sharing is children level, family graded, safety directive(s).

  15. Safety guidence.
  16. Safety regarding information or data protection about the use for public health purpose(s) or concerning individual's own data is our favourable concern.

  17. Deletion of data if no longer needed in the emergency case.
  18. Any Individuals who owns his own data, either stored on a device or on any server or in the cloud. Transferred copies of data to the public health authorities and to the others for tracing and other public health purpose(s) should be deleted when no longer remain useful for public health purpose(s), as defined by public health authorities. None of the individual’s information should be retained by the authorities or others for future unrelated purpose(s) or any uses.